1. I resold an old image of author James Salter today. It was one of the more memorable shoots from the past couple years.


  2. Off to Sicily again next week. Here’s some forgotten snaps from last year.



  4. From Glasses. 2014.


  5. Tom’s wrench. 2014.


  6. Tom 2. 2014.


  7. Tom 1. 2014. 


  8. Literally walked through my set flipping me off and blowing smoke at us. At least they stood still for 10 seconds. 2014.


  9. I have a couple different shoots in the current issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine.

    Who knew it would be so tough to get a nice reflection from a two inch flat copper foam battery cell. Super fun shoot.


  10. Last month I shot the cover story on Denver’s Top Docs for 5280 Magazine. On shelves now. 


  11. I went to Baja. It was hot. 


  12. Hello again online world. I’ve been away. Posting may resume.

    Matt. Early 2014.


  13. Lunar eclipse from Denver, CO.


  14. Just testing. Old truck.


  15. Steamboat Biking. Shot for Smithsonian Magazine. 2013.